“Everything, and I mean everything, competes for your attention” – Howard Tullman.

This famous quote has never been more true than in today’s consumer world. Every billboard, advert, website, Facebook ad and T.V. preview competes for your attention. Those growing up with technology have learnt to quickly flick their attention around until they find something of interest to engage with. You want to be that thing that they engage with.

Video > Messaging > Emailing

Visual communication is still the dominant form of preferred communication among customers in the digital spectrum. It is processed 60,000 times faster than text based content. As such, many companies are moving to communicate with their customers via video and social media.

Instant messaging is also becoming a preferred consumer option. Instant messaging, whether over text, WhatsApp or Facebook chat is simply easier and more accessible than emails. You want to be where the customers are, and where they are, their phones are.

Snapchat can be a fun and ultimately very interesting experience for the customer. It’s an emerging trend in customer service and sometimes all you need is that “likeability” factor to make the sale.

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