With Black Friday looming, internet fraud is a HUGE threat. On-line retail is a multi-billion pound business and will be targeted for various attacks by fraudsters hacking into users’ accounts.


British shoppers are set to spend £1.96 billion this year on many of the thousands of money saving deals. Businesses will see a 19 per cent increase on 2015 sales of computer games, clothes, gadgets and booze amongst other popular items.

New research from VoucherCodes.co.uk and the Centre for Retail Research has revealed the astonishing figures equating to a massive £2,313,760 per minute.

Thirty per cent of shoppers are set to hunt for bargains online this year, while 63 per cent of shoppers are set to pound the pavements looking for deals.

The number of Brits shopping online is expected to reach a massive £1 billion, up 16 per cent from 2015 (£853m).

This is a prime time to be targeted by hackers. Have you done enough to secure your online users?

We want to look at how to give cyber-criminals a hard(er) time in their inevitable quest for easy money or their five minutes of glory.

While no security solution will ever be perfect and cyber-crime will always exist, each business plays an important part in “facilitating” or not the act of cyber-theft.

So let’s look at the most common and efficient ways to safeguard your customers and employees information and identity.

  • Keep your systems malware-free – One of the easiest ways to get your credentials stolen is by taking them from an infected machine. There are countless banking Trojans and other key-loggers whose main goal is to capture logins and passwords and send them back to cyber-criminals. The best defence against malware is a defence that consists of multiple layers rather than one that relies on a single solution.
  • Enhance your remote access strategy – 2-factor authentication (2FA) options will help meet all the requirements for a secure solution controlling access to your information assets. It will help eliminate risks associated with static, lost or stolen passwords and give you an extra level of security as mentioned above.
  • Ransomware!!!!! Ooh, the pirates of the internet! Now this is nasty malware that installs covertly on a victim’s computer. We’ve seen countless news feeds about businesses getting their information stolen/encrypted and it being ‘Ransomed’ for bitcoin. Basically, the company can have ‘THEIR OWN DATA’ back or decrypted, if they pay up by a deadline. Imagine that happening hours before Black Friday!
  • Security is paramount , not just 2FA , but at a key event like Black Friday a Denial of Service attack can cause permanent brand damage to a retailer.

IP Integration have an expert security team who have dealt with many clients for these very reasons. A modest investment in data security can reduce or eliminate the risks of data theft and downtime – events which can involve astronomical costs to both your brand and your balance sheet…. Hello Black Friday!

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