Black Friday is coming! Why mastering social customer service matters for retailers

Competition in the instant retail market is faster and stronger than almost every other sector and retailers need to be able to handle social customer care at scale and answer messages within minutes of first contact.  The power shift from brand to consumer means that customers now design their own path to purchase and expect brands to be on the channels which work best for them when they need support.  Let’s get straight to the bottom line here, in every sense of the word – mastering social customer service matters because it matters to the people who want to buy.   

While retailers are ahead on bridging the store, online and mobile experience, the strategy falls down when they are not able to provide effective support for digital customers.  And, comparative research shows that some retailers still underperform on social channels especially.  Responsiveness and response times are two key areas where these brands fall behind.  Take BDRC Continental’s Twystery research for example, where mystery shoppers sent tweets to test the mettle of social customer service teams, it found that big retailers were among the worst performers for Facebook and Twitter customer service.  The reality is response times are still erratic and range from just a couple of minutes from cheetah-esque brands like B&Q, to tortoise-esque average response times, which Eptica put at 5 hours 40 minutes for Twitter and 6 hours 36 minutes for Facebook, and never.

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