From a risk perspective todays payment landscape is a very different beast when compared to a few years ago. You only have to look at stories in the media to know that security is now commonly recognised as an important concern by consumers when making decisions to buy.  With consumers demanding reassurance that their personal details and data are safe, the security of payment card data is becoming ever more important. PCI can no longer be brushed aside and yet many organisations are reluctant to consider a solution because it can seem overwhelmingly complicated and expensive.


The banking community is committed to PCI DSS resulting in increasing pressure on merchants to become compliant. The resulting incentives offered by acquirers (reduced merchant fees in return for better security) means that there is a clear incentive for contact centres looking to justify the budget for a PCI programme.

The improved security as part of any PCI programme is also a major selling point for customers both in the B2C and B2B spheres, particularly for companies handling payments on behalf of other companies. By promoting the fact that data security is taken very seriously in all aspects of the organisation, merchants can offer a competitive advantage compared to organisations who are unable to see their way through the risks and costs.

What is the way through the risks and the costs?
New ‘pay as you use’ and ‘on demand’ services mean that costs are scalable, however the key is finding the right expertise from real life operational practitioners with experience to assist in the implementation, in a way that achieves a return on investment very quickly.

Measuring risk against operational efficiency and any changes due to compliance should show a real reduction in risk for an organisation, without negatively impacting the quality of customer service or operations – in fact quite the opposite!

One of best ways to protect companies from losing sensitive data is to completely avoid being exposed to it in the first place. All you need to know is that you got paid, not the full details of the payment. That way If a data breach does occur in your company, card details are never recorded and therefore risk to the business, brand, reputation and its customers is minimised. This approach also ensures compliance with PCI-DSS regulations.

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