Old Kit – New headaches…… The perils of using legacy IT systems and applications

Despite advances in technology, data is likely to get corrupted with the passage of time. Data degradation, also known as data decay or data rot, is a colloquial computing phrase for the gradual decay of storage media.  This will occur when using old infrastructure, thus data gradually decaying over the duration of many years.


Waiting for  your IT equipment to become obsolete because it ‘works just fine’ or you think it’s ‘good enough’ can result in huge problems, usually when you least expect it.

The number one danger of using older technology is security. The older your technology, the more time hackers have to exploit vulnerabilities and it’s even easier for them when the manufacturer is no longer maintaining support.

It is well documented that older applications have one or more serious security vulnerabilities. Dangers are lurking across the entire aging application platform and if your software or firmware isn’t up to date you are more at risk of a major security incident.

Storage, memory AND applications will all be affected if they are too old suffering from performance deterioration, slow responsiveness and eventually will become faulty.

Loss of productivity and/or loss of critical data that negatively impacts your business is an obvious consequence of using old technology.

You need to also factor in other consequences that won’t be quite so obvious but can dramatically hold back your business.

Your competitors! They want to stay ahead of the curve. They want to close more deals, respond quicker and communicate better which, in turn, will strengthen their client relationships. And they can only do that using modern technology with modern applications. They WILL gain competitive advantage over you.

Older technology will limit your company’s IT flexibility.  Modern technology will allow you to analyse data for better decision making, collaboration and communication, or developing new applications.

On top of this, you will have HUGE support costs. If your manufacturer no longer maintains your systems and applications, then you will need to pay a third party to do the job. This will be expensive!

Is it really worth having ‘good enough’ IT systems? Just ‘good enough’ isn’t enough.

IP Integration can work closely with you to change your legacy systems and applications helping you to become more competitive, responsive and communicative, allowing you to retain customers and boost your ROI.

With many years of experience and having accredited systems engineers and project managers, we can help you easily design, deploy and maintain the modern technology your business needs to stay ahead.

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