Social networks are an extraordinarily important part of Gen Y or Millennials’ digital lives, in part because social networks have become much more than a way to connect about personal matters.  This demographic is considerably more engaged with digital technology and social media than their previous generations, and are heavy users of portable devices (smartphones, tablets).  Being the largest demographic in the marketplace, they are changing the way companies interact with their customers.  Millennials have a completely different view of customer service as compared with other generations. These “digital natives” are experiencing more of their lives online than any generation before them, particularly through social networks. Every social network, to a greater or lesser degree, is now a news platform.  Now, these social online channels are a significant source of customer service and proving challenging for some contact centres to keep up.

So here’s a bit of advice:

  1. Carefully listen to and monitor your social media mentions. By monitoring what customers are saying about your brand, you can immediately barge in to quick fix complex situations or just get engaged with your customers. Gen Y use social media for various purposes such as:
    Acknowledging an awesome customer experience
    •    Attempting to get an actual response from a company about a service issue
    •    Venting frustration about a bad customer experience
  2. Be alert and instantly come for rescue. Quickly responding to negative comments and taking measures to correct them is a fantastic way for a brand to promote itself and enhance its market image.
  3. Leverage technology for monitoring social media. Instead of staring at your social media feed all day to know when your customers need help, you can opt for some useful social media monitoring tools which will alert you when you get mentioned.
  4. Sift through and be selective. The tidal wave of social mentions can be overwhelming for teams on the frontline. Not all messages require a response and you need to be able to cut through the noise to get to those which do.  You will need a tool that enables you to monitor your main account and indirect mentions.
  5. Deploy automations and real time visibility to manage interactions. Automations can intelligently scan, route and prioritise inbound messages to the right person at the right time. Priority tags, defined by specific keywords or phrases, means that agents quickly get to the most important mentions first.  Team members should have real-time visibility on their social inbox and a single stream of mentions automatically assigned to them to assess and action.
  6. Analyse why customers are sending social messages in the first place. Get proactive and create useful pro-active visual content for your most common queries.  This will help to cut down on the number of messages agents need to send to fully answer a question if they can simply share a link and customers can find out the information they need for themselves.

If your contact centre needs help social-ising, contact IP Integration and we’ll be happy to assist, and in the meantime you can read how we helped The Caravan Club and our latest news about delivering a responsive social experience for The Caravan Club members.

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