If you are looking to take your business to the next level you might find that you already have access to the best business improvement consultants that money can buy.


Engaging consultants to improve your business is, famously, an expensive exercise. But what if we told you that you already have access to an unparalleled (and almost certainly untapped) source of business improvement consultancy – in the form of your contact centre agents?

The chances are that you’re failing to make the best use of the collective asset that is your contact centre agents – and they can really help you understand what is happening in your business.

We all know about the voice of the customer (VOC) (click here to download our VOC white paper) and how important it is to help run an efficient and effective business. But have you considered the voice of the contact centre (VOCC)?

Using VOC and VOCC together could provide a more effective means of measuring and analysing what is really happening throughout your business. Various customer feedback methodologies (such as Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort and Customer Sentiment) can be used to understand what your company’s core pain points and priorities are. Then, front-line contact centre agents can use these tools to provide the basis for review, workshop training and further highlight root causes of problematic business processes.

Contact Centre agents  have deep insight and can evidence the reasons behind why customers engage and respond differently when using various feedback channels.  Agents are on the front line, taking calls all day so, almost by definition, they have a better understanding of which of your company’s business practices are broken, or at least ripe for improvement.

So don’t overlook the important consultancy asset that is your Contact Centre and its agents.  They really are the best business improvement consultants money doesn’t have to buy.

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