Many contact centres are actively looking to upgrade or replace their management information (MI) systems which govern contact centre metrics, suggesting that in many cases, that these systems are not giving management what they need in terms of actionable information. But is it the MI system or is it the herculean effort involved in reporting on too many KPI’s (which slows down reporting cycle time)? For example, if there are really only 18 KPI’s that a given contact centre is gathering data on yet only 5 KPI’s that impact the Financial KPI’s.


Typical contact centre reporting can be turned around to lower the cost per contact, increase sales revenue and improve your customers experience. Workforce management (WFM) solutions have the capability to identify these KPI’s and report in a rolling, aggregated manner so that as soon as trends are identified even before a performance period is completed, action plans can be put into place to address the issues or for even faster “insight to action”, automated WFM systems that recover small pockets of fragmented agent idle time, then can automatically assign activities such as training, coaching, back office tasks or administration in a targeted fashion. By reducing the latency and going beyond just reacting to the average — and knowing which operational KPI’s impact financial KPI’s — reporting can be leveraged to directly impact the business bottom line.

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