You wouldn’t go to the carburettor manufacturer to find out why your car isn’t driving optimally; or a fan belt manufacturer to find out what that pinging noise is. So if your Customer Contact Centre is struggling with technology, meeting and measuring KPIs or ultimately with delivering optimum care to valued customers, then why would you pick and choose various “parts” manufacturers to help you? Maybe it’s not just one issue, maybe it’s two or three, perhaps more, and you don’t even know it. All you know is your Contact Centre is not running efficiently. Sometimes, you don’t know, what you just don’t know. Just like when something is wrong with your car.


When you take the car to the mechanic he runs it through a series of checks and diagnostic tests to determine what some of the possible causes might be, along with discovering a few other bits and bobs that also need doing, perhaps the brake pads and the alignment – you trust him to tell you what you didn’t know.

So when it comes to your Contact Centre, you may not know how to navigate the complexities of a unique combination of technology and tools to help your Contact Centre run more efficiently and cost effectively; but IP Integration knows. Having worked in the Contact Centre space for more than 15 years, we are the trusted Systems Integrators for companies who want to modernise their Contact Centre while futureproofing it to deliver best of breed customer service, operate cost effectively and achieve that competitive edge with this valued commodity.

Our in-house Applications Development coupled with our Industry Practitioners, Professional Services, Managed Services, IT, Security and Networking capabilities, plus a few clever product offerings up our sleeve, IP Integration is the ‘Design to Benchmark Test’ provider for the 21st century contact centre, making the complex straightforward, helping to futureproof your customer experience and…..Deliver beyond today.

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