Most Workforce Management solutions only allow agent access through an internal intranet.  The U-WFM solution allows agent access from anywhere with an internet connection using any web browser and through mobile devices.

The Agent Portal allows your call centre agents to view all the information they need regarding their work patterns. They can view their shifts, activities, holiday allowances and request holidays. This works extremely well for when agents have been on holiday. Often agents have forgotten what their shifts are and exactly when they are due back at work. This causes further inefficiencies. U-WFM enables them to quickly see what shift they have from anywhere. This is just one very small example of how absences will be improved in your call centre.

The Agent Portal is updated in real time, meaning that as soon as an administrator has updated a schedule, the agent will be able to see it. If there is a lot of unexpected absence on a day, simply reschedule all agents that are due to be working on that particular day for an up-to-the-minute optimised schedule, and re-publish. The agent can see new times for their activities instantly, helping you to maintain the highest service level as possible at very short notice.

Key Business Benefits:

–    More efficient use of agent population through better matching of work time to customer demand, across multiple skills
–    Improved scheduling of off-phone tasks into what would otherwise have been ‘idle’ time
–    Reduced overtime requirement
–    Reduced sickness and attrition through better balancing of workloads and agent empowerment
–    Increased productive time through real-time tracking of agent adherence to schedule
–    Reduced administration time for the staff producing and maintaining forecasts and schedules
–    Reduced administration through automated holiday booking and processing

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