What options have you considered for WFM?  Did you know about U-WFM — a no risk, no set up cost, workforce management solution? The intuitive interface makes the platform perfect for end-users utilising workforce management software for the first time and will also be familiar to seasoned professionals. The system is cloud-based and runs entirely through a web browser. This low impact set up makes the platform perfect for companies seeking a quick turnaround in staff performance and costs.


The forecasting tool will not only help you handle typical contact centre-related challenges faced day-to-day but also non-typical peaks and special events. All forecasts can be edited in graph form as well as making wholesale adjustments in response to particularly busy or quiet periods. This enables full visibility of call centre resource, opportunities & efficiencies.

WFM software cuts through forecasting trial and error that is frequently seen in Excel based models with a simple system that will allow a user to complete a resource forecast for a week in just a few minutes. It is also possible to create a forecast model for up to 10 weeks at a time. Forecasting in this way means that it is possible to create a forecast for a 10-week period in under 10 minutes. Forecasts can also be exported directly in to MS Excel allowing custom reports to be made with ease.


Our simple yet powerful technology provides a staff scheduling system which gives you full control. It includes rotational shift planning along with outstanding agent & call representative optimisation as standard. You can drag and drop any part of an agent’s shift or add activities at any time. As all activities can be locked or unlocked, you can re-schedule around added activities meaning the schedule is always as efficient as it can be.

Setting up working rules for call centre agents is easy and shown graphically. This removes any frustrating guesswork in the shift building process.

Holiday and Activities

U-WFM has a comprehensive holiday management system that simply requires a few clicks to authorise or decline requests. Agents can access their account from anywhere with an internet connection to request holidays.

Any other activity, such as meetings or training can be added individually or in bulk. An unlimited amount of custom activities can be created, so scheduling any tasks that are unique to your organisation is easy. Each custom activity can be given its own colour code on the schedule too, meaning that they are simple to identify for every user of U-WFM from administrator to manager and agent.

All exceptions are taken into account at the time of scheduling to ensure an efficient as possible schedule.


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