Early bird statistics from research that shows why mastering customer care on social channels matters

Going digital

  1. £150bn of UK retail sales are now influenced by digital (Digital High Street 2020)
  2. Brands whose services don’t meet customers’ expectations could lose more than £12bn in sales a year (Digital High Street 2020)
  3. In the UK, online shopping is predicted to outpace total retail growth by 2020 and the web will account for 17.1% of total retail sales. In 2015 the figure stood at 13.8%. (Verdict Retail)
  4. UK spend on click & collect will grow 78.8% through to 2020 (Verdict Retail)
  5. Online reviews impact 67.7% of consumer purchasing decisions (Moz)

Getting organised

  1. 65% of retailers still provide care from a main @handle (Rational Interaction)

Connecting on messaging apps

  1. 16% of retail and e-Commerce customers use messaging apps (Mobile Ecosystem Forum and Mblox)
  1. 53% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message with (Facebook IQ / Nielsen)
  2. 33% of consumers use messaging apps to enquire about store hours, location or stock (Facebook IQ / Nielsen)

Average response times are still sluggish

  1. The average response time on Twitter is 5 hours 40 minutes and 6 hours 36 minutes for Facebook. (Eptica)
  2. 45% of consumers will abandon an online purchase if their questions are not answered quickly (Forrester)

Meet the complainers

  1. Retailers respond to just 20% of complaints on social media (VB Insights)

Exploiting technology to give the very best service to your customers is a great way to grow your business.

We can help you learn more about these trends in the context of your business:

  • How customer service teams, marketing and technology are converging
  • How social data can be used to improve business performance
  • How to improve response times
  • How chat apps are changing the way we communicate
  • Seamless channel integration


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