Pairing Voice Biometrics with a Single Security Question for Maximum Security is one of 10 Techniques to Reduce Time Spent on ID and Verification

With advances in biometrics, including facial and fingerprint recognition, contact centres must look at solutions that offer the highest levels of security by allowing them to identify and verify callers based on their unique characteristics.

In cases where maximum security is required on the phone, voice biometrics can be used in conjunction with a security question to provide an extra level of security.

In addition, contact centres should look for solutions that free advisors from having to undertake the verification process, therefore saving valuable time and resources.

Steve Murray

Steve Murray

This will also shield them from any access to sensitive identification information, delivering the trusted interaction that customers expect and that the regulators mandate.

So, in cases where a security question is needed, maybe a message can be played while the customer is in the queue, asking them to be prepared to answer.

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