The right technology can result in higher profitability for the hospitality sector

Positive guest experience is the #1 criteria that travelers use to select hotels – far outweighing price and location. Positive guest experiences are profitable too. According to the Harvard Review, customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had poor experiences. Clearly happy guests can help ensure that hotel revenues remain healthy.

Forrester Research suggests that customer experience is highly correlated with loyalty2. It’s much less expensive to attract repeat business than to bring in new business. One high-end hotel operator puts the lifetime value of a loyal guest at over $100,000.

Studies have shown that improving customer experience can increase annual revenues by more than $1B for large hospitality companies.  Creating an unparalleled customer experience is a cost effective way to help drive revenue, loyalty and support from your guests.

Hospitality organisations can build on existing systems and deliver a radically different approach to communications and customer service. The right technology transforms traditional, single-purpose solutions for voice, video, e-mail and instant messaging into a true “Engagement” architecture. This enables hospitality organisations to:

• Deploy an interconnected team and customer engagement platform that eliminates information silos and provides a comprehensive view of guests and their history

• Leverage broadband internet to enable guests to use their own devices to request and book services

• Create an infrastructure that is capable of storing guest interaction at every touch point

• Provide the tools needed for the staff to engage with guests

The result is a solution that simplifies engagement and delivers cost savings. Most importantly, it provides:

• A platform that abstracts the complexity of the communications layer from the applications layer, enabling developers to focus on business needs and requirements rather than on becoming experts on communications solutions or protocols

• A foundation that offers scalability, reliability and security for every solution and lets developers concentrate on value creation instead of logistics and interoperability

• A snap-in model that allows capabilities from a variety of solution providers to be included, enabling rapid, more cost-effective solution development

IPI can help provide solutions that enable you to realise the total power of engagement when hotels implement guest and staff engagement capabilities and an infrastructure that is capable of supporting them.

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