When our energy customer was ready to fuel growth, we were ready to enable it

As a brand new and fast-growing energy company, our customer was looking for a technology partner who could get them up and running without disruption. They also wanted a partner with flexible and future proof systems that could enable them to embrace rapid growth in a controlled way, while continuing to provide excellent customer service to their energy customers.

To give our customer the most cost effective base network that would meet all of their needs and scale as rapidly as they could grow, we delivered multiple services based on leading technology. Internet, SIP Trunking and MPLS across the WAN were implemented on day one while ensuring critical applications from the cloud such as Google applications maintained top notch performance. All of these services were fully operational from the start of the engagement and future proofed for the high demand of usage to come.

Services delivered:

  • Intelligent WAN
  • Intelligent Internet
  • Intelligent Inbound
  • Intelligent SIP Trunking

These services integrated seamlessly into the customer’s existing telephony platform, ensuring business continuity, modernisation of legacy technology and scalability.

This was a fully managed solution with a first class service wrap. Quickly demonstrated by our capability to support two office moves; a doubling in the size of the customer’s HQ; connecting new offices to the corporate network as required; and expansion into a new data centre – all with minimal disruption.  We enabled:

  • Rapid growth and business continuity
  • Single connection 10Mb services to resilient 1Gb connection
  • Two office moves and the doubling of HQ size
  • Expansion into data centres to support critical cloud applications like Google
  • Modernisation of legacy technology
  • SIP Trunking and MPLS across WAN
  • Intelligent inbound and outbound voice services
  • Growth from 10 to 1,000 employees in 7 years

We got everything up and running fast. And besides supporting our customer’s incredibly rapid expansion (growing from 10 people to 1000 people in just seven years), we have enabled the energy provider to deliver first rate customer service during this period of growth too – no mean feat. An achievement recognised by multiple energy industry awards. What more can we say but congratulations.


 “Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’re treating our customers brilliantly. IPI clearly understood our needs around offering first class customer service to our customers.”

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