The “Human plus AI” movement is the concept that AI is best used when teamed up with people.

Today’s version of AI in the customer support world is good for very narrowly focused tasks, such as helping a customer quickly change a billing address or updating credit card information, therefore today’s version of AI is to have it support the customer service representative (CSR).

Imagine that the AI computer/machine is listening to the customer conversation in real time. The customer is asking a question or sharing a problem. First, the computer lets the CSR know about the history of this customer: past purchases, reasons they have called for help in the past, and more. At the same time, the computer can also give the CSR suggested answers to the customer’s issues. This is happening in real time… and really fast.

If you reverse the letters AI to IA, you go from Artificial Intelligence to Intelligent Assistant. This is exactly how technology can assist — the customer doesn’t need to know how the CSR got the solution, just that the best solution was offered.

AI is a great tool for customer service reps, similar to how an accountant uses a calculator or a banker uses a spreadsheet.  Can you imagine an accountant trying to do complicated tax work without the aid of a calculator? That’s how companies need to think of AI. It is an essential tool that will be, if it is not already, not simply a “nice to have”, but a “must have” technology.

Artificial Intelligence has reached its tipping point and has quickly made its way into our daily lives, whether we realise it or not. It’s here to stay and that what we are seeing is just the beginning. Will AI take over the business world? Absolutely, but not in the way they show it in the movies.

So, while Hollywood paints a wildly unrealistic picture of robots taking the jobs of humans, we know that this is simply not realistic. What is important to remember, is that while AI may not replace the human interaction, it could easily go hand in hand to offer a better customer experience when used as the incredible tool it was intended to be.

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