Voting has now opened for Call Centre Helper’s 2017 Technology Awards:

TrustCall On Demand is a totally unique, patented solution in the compliant payments space. It is a secure payment on-demand payment solution for contact centres.  It is a cloud-based software solution that can either be embedded into your existing Customer Relationship Management system or used as a stand-alone web application.  At no time does any of the sensitive card information pass through or reside in any in-house systems. Secure mode and routing to the PCI DSS-compliant service provider is only invoked when a payment actually takes place, providing a true pay-as-you go model, rather than a channel-based licensing model or requiring a migration to another carrier or necessitating another network to carry your call traffic.

The fact TrustCall On Demand protects customers from the gaze of PCI compliance means that it is suitable for any contact centre which takes payments over the phone. Customers who have adopted TrustCall On Demand include DHL, Severn Trent Water, Yellow Pages, TIF, PDSA, Bensons for Beds, Luton Borough Council and Harvey’s. Also a number of financial services customers we cannot directly name.

TrustCall’s unique selling proposition is:

  • Pay-as-you-go rather than channel-based or pence per minute licensing
  • Only pay for what you utilise when taking card payments
  • “Right sizes” the PCI Compliance problem for a contact centre
  • Reduces liability since customer data never enters the organisation
  • Decouples other technology contracts from the PCI Compliance problem

Rules of voting:

  • You cannot vote if you are an employee or a distributor or an investor or have any other financial interest in the product.
  • You can alert your customer base.
  • All invalid votes will be discounted.
  • Voting closes on Friday 21st April.
  • The winning product will be announced in late May 2017.

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