Because out of date is out of the question.

Change is inevitable. It’s what makes life so exciting.
And it’s what drives IPI’s Consulting services. With a range of innovative solutions and access to pioneering technologies, our experts will analyse and shift your contact centre’s capabilities to the ever-evolving reality of your business.
So instead of making reactive, knee-jerk changes like so many competitors, you‘ll always be one step ahead.

Out of date capabilities?

Usually you only find out when it’s too late.
From nowhere, your business needs surpass your technology.
IPI’s Consulting service keeps you one step ahead. We build an in-depth understanding of your goals and systems.
Then we assess, advise and shift capabilities to fit your reality. Deploying an innovative strategy for holistic growth.

That's how it should be.

Our Solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Meet the Software Robots – the Digital Workforce.


Chatbots and AI

Automating Conversations to get the job done.


Intraday Task Management

Intradiem Intraday Task Management helps you to achieve your targeted business outcomes.


Workforce Management and Optimisation

Achieving the impossible with WFM/WFO.


Interaction Analytics

Analysing actionable intelligence for contact centre efficiency and customer excellence.


Contact Centre Transformation

Change is inevitable. It’s what makes life so exciting. And it’s what drives IPI’s Consulting services.


Our Services

Programme Management

Whether a complete programme or a discrete phase, our Programme Management services reduce risk and improve governance.

Business Outcomes-based Methodology

Development and implementation of a High Performance Contact Centre Roadmap that is aligned with business outcomes is key to any contact centre transformation plan to ensure the alignment of the people, processes and technology towards the desired business benefits realisation plan.

IPI’s operational practitioners work with our customers to gain an understanding of the key outcomes sought through a contact centre transformation programme and break these down into constituent elements to understand how these will be influenced, measured, implemented and monitored to achieve the improvements targeted.

These elements will be implemented within a prescribed best practice framework, which will provide the blueprint to fulfil our customer’s requirements in some or all of the following areas:

  • The people (quality, performance, development)
  • The processes
  • The technology
  • The knowledge
  • The organisational structure
  • The culture
  • The customer experience

Technology Roadmaps & Vendor Selection

As experienced contact centre practitioners we recognise this challenge and respond with a well-articulated view on how you could develop a Technology Roadmap or Target Operating Model (TOM) that would align your people, process and technology towards the achievement of longer term business objectives, whilst also illustrating how this would break down into a manageable tactical plan to begin addressing near term requirements.

Through an understanding of what dials you need to move in your business and by when, we can leverage our experience and understanding of operational best practices and contact centre technology to help you structure a roadmap that would give you a clear understanding of what options are available, which capabilities would be required, quantifying what contribution they would be making towards these objectives and by when.

Consulting as a Service

Consulting-as-a-Service (CaaS) provides structured access to specific domain expertise through an ‘on-demand’ service model.

Often businesses do not have resources to maintain operational excellence whist engaging on business transformation and this is where IP Consulting can help bridge the gap by providing regular access to expertise contact centre practitioners that can add value to your programme on a regular interim basis through an ongoing cycle of operational improvement projects.

Typically based on an annual subscription model. CaaS provides the flexibility to have access to a ‘team’ of experience for less than the price of a single FTE.

Discovery Programmes

Our Discovery Programmes provide our clients targeted application of our broad and deep contact centre industry experience (operations and technology) towards specific challenges or opportunities they seek to investigate. Through these programmes we can identify and qualify options for improvement with recommendations based on industry best practice.

Typically these programmes involve formal problem or opportunity definition, data and operational analysis, technical assessments and benefits realisation models or even workshops and forums.

Total Performance Optimisation

Our Total Performance Optimisation (TPO) framework is a vision-to-frontline implementation methodology. We target and explore three key experiences:

  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Employee Experience (EX)
  • Business Experience (BX)

Where in which we apply TPO across two core practice areas:

  • Customer Interaction Management
  • Operations Management

Been there. Done more.

There is no substitute for experience. Handily, our team of Consultants has it in spades, from both sides of the table: as vendor and customer. It’s this uncommon combination that, along with a love of innovation, enables a holistic view of how contact centres work and how they can work better. In market sectors from banking to gaming, for clients both established and emerging, our Consultants are proud to design and execute strategies that create superior contact centres. Today…onwards

£1m savings delivered annually for an insurance company

75+ years experience in Contact Centre transformation

360* degree view of Contact Centre eco-system

Our Consulting Partners

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    Teleopti provide robust and 'best of breed' Workforce Management solutions
  • CX Company

    CX Company are experts in Intelligent Assistance and smart Chatbots.
  • Blue Prism

    Blue Prism are global leaders in Robotic Process Automation to provide businesses with a more agile virtual workforce.


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