Network Services

Because your network is your business.

Visibility and control.
Both are vital when it comes to your network. Because they give you the capability to ensure your network is delivering what your business needs. IPI understands this and offers a range of services to help you get to grips with your network. Services that let you see where traffic is coming from; who’s using your network and what their user experience is like.
So you can make your network work harder for your business, today, tomorrow, always.


if it isn’t in tune with every facet of your business. IPI joins everything together with our Network Services. Pioneering technology. Resilient infrastructures. Intelligent solutions. Connectivity that better serves your applications, telephony and strategy.Resulting in a better experience for your people and your customers. And if that gives you a distinct edge over competitors… well,


Our Solutions

ISDN Services with WLR3

IPI offer first class voice and data services to support your critical contact centre strategies..


Intelligent SIP

Robust business continuity that ensures your Contact Centre is always up and running no matter what.


Intelligent WAN and Internet

Visibility and real-time network control for optimised bandwidth.


Intelligent Inbound

Intelligent answering, prioritising, routing and reporting of incoming calls.


Our Services

Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Monitoring Tools

This is where the magic happens. Our NOC is what enables us to enable you. Home to our dedicated operations team, we ensure you receive the best possible customer experience and proactive incident management when you need it. The NOC also houses our Monitoring Tools which are on display 24x7x365, and configured to each and every customer, so you’re covered 24x7x365.

Managed Services

Your network is the beating heart of your business. And IPI is the life support. Keeping your connectivity flowing and your phones on.

Providing uninterrupted access to systems, data and applications, whether on-premise, in the cloud or both. Solving issues before they become problems through:

  • Network monitoring and management
  • WAN optimisation
  • Disaster recovery
  • QoS reporting
  • Performance reporting
  • Improvement recommendations

Programme Management

Whether a complete programme or a discrete phase, our Programme Management services reduce risk and improve governance. Here’s how:

Project/Initiative Validation

Aligning key people to ensure the objective of every project is not just understood, but believed in.

Requirements Definition/Validation

Ensuring all project requirements map back to stakeholder expectations.

Business Case Development

Justifying a proposed business case by pulling together supporting information from across the organisation, directly tacking any assumptions or constraints.

Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Independent vendor/solution evaluation by experienced industry practitioners – experts who have worked across the industry, on both ends of the phone.

Technical Design Authority Leadership

Guiding the effective articulation of technical solutions to ensure they achieve exactly what you want them to.

Service heavyweights. Technical wizards

You could call it the dream team. Handpicked industry specialists. Focused on delivering the solution you need at a service level you expect. Because we aren’t tied to vendors, we can recommend the best technology for you. This independence, along with our love of innovation, means you get a more complete view of your network as well as how we help make it better.

Consult – we take the time to fully understand your needs

Design – we bring our industry expertise to bear to design the best solution for your business

Deliver – our experienced and dedicated project team work hand in hand with you

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