Voice Biometrics

On average, 13% of all knowledge questions can be guessed by random individuals. PINs on the other hand are often shared with family or just forgotten. Relying on PIN and knowledge questions has been the only option open to contact centres for ID&V – until now.

IPIs Voice Biometrics solutions ensure the highest level of security by verifying a unique characteristic – your customer voice print.

Our solution makes identification and validation almost invisible. Callers are validated using a short passphrase, which eliminates the need for requesting information the customer may or may not remember. In cases where maximum security is required voice biometrics can be used in conjunction with something the customer knows, to provide an extra level of security in sensitive situations. As with the more traditional approach, once customers are verified the call is passed to the most appropriate agent of team.

Current ID&V strategies can create a frustrating customer experience and are costly for businesses. The average ID&V process can take between 23-40 seconds and this means the bigger the contact centre the more staff needed to handle this extra handling time per call. This all boils down to a dull, monotonous opening to every call for both customer and agent not to mention the cost impact.

Voice Biometrics provides the caller with a faster and more natural experience while allowing your business to reduce costs and improve security. By verifying a person’s identity using their voice, the ID&V process can be reduced to anything as little as 5 seconds and is fully automated within the inbound call flow.

It can be used alone to provide a convenient method of authentication or as part of a two-factor authentication process, combined with something the customer “knows” (like a password or PIN) or “has” (like a caller ID) to provide an extra layer of security for sensitive information and financial transactions.

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