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Chatbots are no longer a futuristic technology, they are here today. IPI work with our clients to deploy intelligent assistants, smart chatbots and in-app engagement to improve the customer experience.

When it comes to AI and Chatbots we understand that our clients are understandably cautious handing over their customer interactions to a Robot, that’s why our team of consultant’s work with you to help create an operating model that is right for your business and right for your customers. However even if with ‘hand holding’ approach you could have a Chatbot up and running a lot sooner than you might think, with implementation taking 8 to 12 weeks.

Using Chatbots to have conversations with customers requires a database of knowledge assets, ranging from customer intents to industry and company specific patterns, dialogs and content. Our solution comes with simple to use, yet powerful knowledge management to turn all this into automated conversations. Easily connect your own product-catalogue with our conversation platform to facilitate sales and after sales service directly from your chatbot.

We can support more than 30 languages and our API’s connect with all your back-end systems to process transactions or to personalise conversations. A workflow system enables different departments to collaborate on creating useful dialogs.

We see there as being 7 Key Pillars of Intelligent Digital Assistance (& Smart Chatbots).

  • Understand customer job
  • Personalise communication
  • Be responsive to behaviours and emotions
  • Reduce uncertainty with notifications
  • Be helpful and conversational
  • Deliver on the brand promise
  • Learn from each conversation

There are any number of reasons to look to deploy automated assistance in your business but some of the key reoccurring themes that we have seen include:

  • Proven Return on Investment in less than 6 months
  • In some cases, 50%+ call deflection to help to drive down costs
  • Improved NPS as customers have access to better information and a quicker service
  • Better quality agents- With less live conversations you’ll free up more capacity to train and mentor staff
  • Shorter handle times as Chatbots can capture key information before handing over to a live agent
  • Easy internal access to the knowledge management system
  • The opportunity to be seen by customers and competitors as an industry leader

Using our innovative Chatbot solution, coupled with our expertise across the wider Contact Centre arena, we are the ideal partner to consult with when it comes to AI and Chatbots. Get in touch today.

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