Transforming Your Contact Centre

Our team of real-world contact centre and customer management practitioners, places IP Integration in the enviable position of being able to enhance the current structure of the contact centre environment, both with advice and delivery of best practises where applicable.

Target Operating Model (TOM)

IPI consulting employs a comprehensive Current Operating Model (COM) to Target Operating Model (TOM) methodology to ensure consistent alignment of:

  • People (quality, performance, development)
  • Processes
  • Technology
  • Knowledge
  • Organisational structure
  • Culture
  • Customer experience

Our expertise in the following allow us to deliver bottom line results.

  • Workforce Optimisation
  • Intraday Management
  • Interaction Analytics

Highly experienced real world contact centre operations and customer manager practitioners will provide you with full lifecycle engagement, contact centre assessment and performance reviews, with contact analytics diagnosis and even a Consulting-as-a-Service (CaaS) service delivery model.

Business Outcomes based methodology

Development and implementation of a High Performance Contact Centre Roadmap that is aligned with business outcomes is key to any Contact Centre Transformation.

IPI’s operational practitioners work with you to gain an understanding of the key outcomes sought through a contact centre transformation programme and break these down into constituent elements to understand how these will be influenced, measured, implemented and monitored to achieve the improvements targeted. These elements will be implemented within a prescribed best practice framework, which will provide the blueprint to fulfil our customer’s requirements.

This framework will also support the alignment of the current projects/initiatives towards an integrated TOM which will articulate the following:

  • Current state and benchmarking
  • Business realisation roadmap
  • Roles and responsibilities in the contact centre to deliver the TOM outcomes
  • Required best practice workshops and management training
  • People development and processes required
  • Data driven decision making model for ongoing performance enhancement and optimisation

IPI Consulting use a comprehensive and proven process of improvement through a closed loop cycle to obtain the targeted business outcomes.

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