Identification and Verification

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Our ID and Verification (ID&V) solution uses sophisticated techniques to quickly and automatically identify and verify customers – in as little as five seconds.

  • Speech recognition
  • Voice biometrics
  • Free agents from having to undertake the verification process
  • Save valuable time that can be used to reduce costs and deliver higher levels of service

It has been designed to work with a wide range of CRM applications, from legacy on-premise systems to the latest cloud solutions, and can present each agent with all the relevant customer details. As a result, the agent can start helping the customer immediately, reducing average handling time and increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Calls can be routed to the next available agent, or
  • Divert to a specialist team, for example credit control or customer retention
  • Calls can bypass the agent all together and further increasing productivity

IPI’s ID&V solution also ensures that every caller is put through the correct authentication process, which is important in all industries and crucial in those that are regulated. There is no chance of a question being missed or an incorrect reply being allowed through. Protecting your agents, as they don’t have to handle customer verification information.

Key features of ID&V:
  • Quick automation – approximately 5 seconds to fully automate ID&V. You are able to validate callers with a short passphrase which eliminates the need for account number requests, policy numbers or other personal information which customers easily forget.
  • Time saver – Eliminate time not spent on dealing with the caller’s request and generating a negative experience for both the caller and the agent.
  • Easy verification – verification becomes easy for the customer, allowing calls to your contact centre to start with a virtually invisible ID&V processes, lowering customer effort and providing and fantastic service experience.
  • Automate over 95% of all verifications – powered by industry leading speech recognition and tuned by the UK’s most experienced team of speech recognition specialists, IP Integrations voice biometrics can automate over 95% of all caller verifications, virtually eliminating agent handled ID&V and increasing IVR call containment.
  • Utmost security – state-of-the-art security measures which build the foundation for your next generation customer contact strategy.

Voice Biometrics

Traditionally, this has been the only option available to contact centres for identification and verification. However, with the new advances we’ve made in speech recognition and voice biometrics, IPI now offers the highest levels of security by allowing you to identify and verify callers based on a unique characteristic, their voice print.

The IPI voice biometrics solution makes identification and validation almost invisible.

  • Callers are validated using a short passphrase
  • No need to request information the customer may not remember
  • Can be used in conjunction with information the customer knows, to provide an extra level of security in sensitive situations.
  • Once customers are verified the call is passed to the most appropriate agent of team
  • Provides the caller with a faster and more natural experience
  • Allows for cost reduction within your business while increasing security

Current ID&V strategies can create a frustrating customer experience and are costly for businesses. The average ID&V process can take between 23-40 seconds and this means the bigger the contact centre the more staff needed to handle this extra handling time per call. This all boils down to a dull, monotonous opening to every call for both customer and agent not to mention the cost impact.

  • On average, 13% of all knowledge questions can be guessed by random individuals
  • PINs are often shared with family or just forgotten
  • Relying on PIN and knowledge questions has been the only option for ID&V – until now
  • Voice Biometrics ensures the highest level of security by verifying a unique characteristic – your customer voice print

Voice biometrics can be used alone to provide a convenient method of authentication or as part of a multi-factor authentication process, combined with something the customer “knows” (like a password or PIN) or “has” (like a caller ID) to provide an extra layer of security for sensitive information and financial transactions.

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