Post Call Surveys – Ask Me


IPI’s insight tools help contact centre managers keep on top of performance in three key ways:

  • Provides an easy to use tool that allows every call to be classified and profiled as it is concluded
  • Provides a fully automated solution for conducting telephone surveys and collecting customer feedback and market research information.
  • Allows you to analyse via sophisticated speech analytics the contents of all the calls your agents are taking.

As a result, you can use the experience of customers to not only increase satisfaction, but also improve product lines and processes.

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Wallboards – Show Me 

IPI’s intelligent visual communication solutions informs, inspires, engages and influences audiences all from one core platform. Our enhanced Show Me Wallboards deliver a mix of intelligent real time data, resolution messages and engaging content – ensuring that advisors and supervisors and managers receive vital information they need, when they need it most.

  • Creative visuals designed to capture agent’s attention
  • Blended with Corporate Communications to improve engagement and staff loyalty
  • Displays actions and resolution messaging to alter the behaviour of agents
  • Eliminate agent “dead or idle time”
  • Improves staff efficiencies and productivity
  • Promotes friendly competition among teams/employees
  • Leads to measurable increases in productivity, sales and customer satisfaction
  • Improves operational statistics as KPI’s are always visible with alerting functions
  • Agents engage with business objectives as they change
  • Engaged and motivated staff leads to higher retention rates and increased productivity
  • Agents become more motivated to achieve their personal and company goals
  • Less time monitoring call data so Managers can coach and develop teams
  • Staff are kept up to date with critical news regardless of location or business unit
  • Ability to pull data out of CMS and display aggregated data such as SL over the day
  • Enhanced Data filtering, creation of Lines of Business abilities within core platform
  • Massive reduction in TCO over the lifecycle
  • Adjustments on the configuration can be done with minimum effort
  • Support of Multichannel Contact Centres and full Unicode support

Wallboards provide the Contact Centre information an aggregated, synthesised and visual display of information when and where it’s needed.

Our solutions integrate with a variety of data sources, including Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Workforce Management and Omni-channel.

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