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Intelligent WAN and Internet

Full network visibility and real-time dynamic control so you can prioritise application traffic and optimise bandwidth.

Intelligent WAN and Internet

With thousands of applications fighting for bandwidth there is a real need to intelligently differentiate and control what is actually business critical.

Factors driving Intelligent WAN include:

  • The need for more effective management of MPLS and Internet connections across the WAN
  • Organisations with multiple sites need a way to better manage the changing WAN environment and the application landscape with the adoption of newer cloud-based services
  • The increase in mobile devices and media-rich applications as well as continuous operating system, application and security updates, put a strain on enterprise networks
  • Networks can experience slowdowns when bandwidth is consumed by downloads involving mobile devices and applications, which pushes the need for a better solution for the WAN

There is also an increase in mobile devices, WiFi environments and continuous IT updates that can slowdown the corporate network when bandwidth is consumed in an uncontrolled manner. Blocking everything is no longer an option where businesses are reliant on web based software and social media feeds to function – full visibility and total control are the key to a healthy and efficient network.

With Intelligent WAN, organisations can achive:

  • Cost savings by reducing their MPLS costs with decreased bandwidth links due to optimised traffic connections
  • Application Optimisation, offering visibility into the network, including critical features such as application acceleration and bandwidth optimisation

Intelligent WAN can now make intelligent policy decisions on how applications get used. This way, you have the ultimate visibility of how your WAN is running, enabling you to control and prioritise traffic load, optimise bandwidth and accelerate performance.

IPI’s application-defined networking solutions provide full visibility of how the network is performing and then enable real-time and dynamic control to prioritise this traffic and optimise bandwidth and even accelerate the services if required.

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