Interaction Analytics

We utilise Interaction Analytics (speech, text and social media analytics) to analyse your customer interactions.  You can form a view of your customer interactions with a level of quality, scale and granularity previously not accessible. Through this analysis actionable intelligence can be ‘mined’ to improve quality, performance and reduce operational costs.

Voice of the Customer

To truly understand the voice of your customers (VOC), a simple customer satisfaction survey will not do the trick. It is essential to gain unsolicited feedback from social media or review sites, and to speak with the teams that interact daily with your customers. VOC aims to:

  • Delve beneath customer satisfaction surveys and uncover the reasons behind feedback scores
  • Understand customers’ needs, wants and pain points
  • Prioritise these to improve services
  • Understand how customers view and value products and services
  • Illuminate where, as a business, you’re delivering on your promise to customers, and where you are not
  • Use this information to inform a way forward, so that you know which products and services you should develop and/or refine

Voice of the Contact Centre

Voice of the Contact Centre (VOCC) is like using your contact centre agents as key business consultants.  Agents are often, if not always, overlooked when it comes to the interpretation of your Voice of the Customer (VOC) data. Managers are always quick to review the data through their limited lens of experience and often find it challenging to identify ‘real root cause’ of feedback scores. Similarly, external consultants often only see the “CSAT Scores” posted on a wall in the canteen. The agents hear everything in real time, they feel the raw emotion through the sarcastic quips and angry statements, and therefore should be considered your most valuable resource. Don’t view them as a cost centre, they aid cost reduction and generate revenue.

Using VOCC and VOC together will provide robust interpretation and understanding of your customers’ needs plus, most importantly, will give those needs real context. You will find out which departments are causing the issues and how to proactively address improvements.  Combined with clever contact analytics technology, your contact centre and its agents can be the force that drives the change you need to become more successful, compete in your market and ultimately thrive.

Speech Analytics

Typically, Speech Analytics are used to identify the determinants of key issues impacting the contact centre or to provide answers to specific questions that may be posed about contact centre operations.  These often include:

  • Who is contacting your organisation
  • Why they are contacting you
  • How successful the interactions are
  • Monitoring and measurement of internal governance
  • Monitoring and measurement of regulatory compliance
  • Up-sell/cross-sell performance measurement and analysis
  • Identifying broken processes impacting costs and performance
  • Determining key factors affecting First Call Resolution (FCR)

Once you’ve gathered all of this valuable customer sentiment either via Speech Analytics or Surveying tools and methods – or a combination of the two – it will be time to translate it into measurable business metrics, to ensure that you can keep delivering improvements.  Common customer metrics include:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Profitability Score
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Relative Market Share

Real Time Speech Analytics

Real Time Speech Analytics (RTSA) is an invaluable tool for quality assurance and campaign optimisation, agent coaching, and for the documentation of business transactions. It also incorporates a Soft Evaluator tool that helps to encourage agent empathy and gauges the emotional state of both customers and agents, by evaluating their voices and improving conversations in real time.  Benefits of RTSA include:

  • Encourages superior conversations increasing customer loyalty
  • Improves agent performance
  • Ensures compliance
  • Minimises errors and complaints
  • Provides legal certainty by ensuring mandatory information is given
  • Flags problems in real time
  • Uncovers cross and upselling opportunities
  • Saves time by evaluating campaign quality at the push of a button
  • Identifies individual training needs
  • Quality assurance with 50% more efficiency

IP Integrations provides a variety of Speech Analytics and Real Time Speech Analytics solutions, whether you require brand agnostic solutions or not.

Contact Analytics

Translating these Speech Analytics, RTSA and even Social Media Sentiment measurements into improvements, however, involves taking analytics and metrics one step further, a step many companies find difficult to implement. Analysing what your customers are saying helps you understand the perception of your customers.  The goal of Contact Anlytics are to provide tangible business outcomes such as:

  • Identifying opportunities to increase operational efficiency
  • Delivering additional customer satisfaction when servicing more engaging call types with customers
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce cost to serve with regards to a wider self-services initiative
  • Providing a potentially repeatable speech analytics process which can be used to baseline operations
  • Understanding quantifiable difference once recommendations have been implemented

Initial analysis and benchmarking through Contact Analytics Diagnostics (CAD) provides value in enabling a company to understand the areas of focus required, but there is greater value in an ongoing engagement, enabling a company to act on the recommendations to realise and benefit from sustained business optimisation.

Taking into account all customer contact and analysing it enables companies to quickly act on what matters, for sustained business optimisation. Experienced consultants can analyse recorded and digitised content from customers, monitor quality assurance and manage input while mitigating risk. Using captured customer data from all contact sources allows for any issues and problem areas to be quickly be identified and addressed, and improvements can be recommended to deliver a great customer experience.

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