Intraday Task Management

Intraday Task Management (ITM) makes it possible for you to achieve your targeted business outcomes. You can achieve significantly better results across key performance indicators, including:

  • Customer experience
  • First call resolution (FCR) rates
  • Average handling time (AHT)

Through ITM, we help contact centres release trapped agent capacity that has already been paid for but is not accessible through traditional WFM/WFO processes or technology.

  • Solve real-time contact centre challenges with real-time rules
  • Works via a simple, powerful and flexible rules engine
  • Allows the capture of agent idle time and reassigns it toward training or administration tasks
  • Protects existing agent schedule and SLA’s, especially against unexpected changes in traffic
  • Makes the seemingly impossible, possible

Once this capacity is made available it can be utilised to enable contact centre improvement initiatives or operational cost reductions.

IPI’s trained Consultants provide the real-world experience and expertise to identify where and how Intraday Task Management could enable the achievement of your targeted business outcomes.

Typical Contact Centre outcomes targeted by an Intraday Task Management programme include:

  • Improving agent utilisation
  • Improving velocity and certainty of training
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Improving customer experience
  • Cross-functional working e.g. blending front-office/back-office
  • Reducing overstaffing and overtime
  • Improving agent experience
  • Improving quality and regulatory compliance
  • Improving customer retention
  • Providing better response to fluctuating resource demands
  • Reducing agent shrinkage
  • Reducing staff attrition
  • Enabling multi-skilled, multi-channel customer service

A Global Outsourcing Leader Increases Margins, Improves KPIs by Providing More Time for Training — During the 12-week launch period, across all product/site groups, KPIs improved by an average of 7.6 percent, approximately 4 times the targeted goal. The annualized return on this KPI improvement is $2.4 million.

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