Proactive Outreach Manager (POM)

IPI’s Proactive Outreach Manager is an application platform that enables organisations to design and manage high performance and cost effective automated notifications and outbound campaigns that reach out to customers via voice, email, or text messaging. These campaigns can notify customers of key information and enable them to take immediate action through automated self-service or by a conversation with an agent.

  • Reach out and interact with customers that have impending critical service or support needs
  • Quickly take action on your customers anticipated needs
  • Reduce inbound call traffic with proactive outbound contact
  • Improve customer awareness of new services and offers

Proactive Outreach Manager simplifies creation, execution, and management of outbound campaigns and notifications helping businesses reduce costs, increase revenues, and/or improve customer satisfaction.

Proactive Outreach can help you:

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction – Provide timely communication of information and status updates through email, SMS text or telephone based on the customer’s preferences
  • Lower the Cost of Service – Reduce inbound traffic by anticipating caller inquiries and allowing customers to take action. Lower outbound agent costs by automating simple interactions through lower cost email, IVR, or SMS text
  • Reduce OPEX and CAPEX Costs –Uses Avaya Voice Portal for automated outbound campaigns allowing you to deploy mission critical automated outbound services that leverage and compliment your existing inbound self-service applications
  • Generate Revenue – Create and execute customised cross-sell and or up-sell campaigns

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