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probably only makes up a small percentage of the calls you receive. But with data fraud such a high-profile concern, the risk they pose has never been greater. The TrustCall product suite ensures that all sensitive data in your environment is either minimised or eliminated,

without compromising the customer experience.


are getting confusing. DPA, GDPR, PSD2, 4AMLD…the sector grows in complexity every day. We pioneered TrustCall On-Demand to simplify the compliance process. By automatically routing all sensitive data through our Level 1 PCI DSS provider, the security controls within your business can be greatly reduced. As can the cost of meeting all those acronym regulations. Which means you can just focus on delivering an experience


TrustCall Identity uses various techniques, including speech recognition, voice biometrics, two-factor authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) to quickly and automatically identify and verify customers and employees alike, in line with risk appetite and governance processes.

Depending on the interaction, identification can be achieved in as little as five seconds.

TrustCall Identity is a modular suite of products that not only frees agents from having to undertake the verification process, therefore saving valuable time and resources, but also shields them from any access to sensitive identification information, delivering the trusted interaction that customers expect.

TrustCall Identity also ensures that the internal operational identity and authentication mechanisms are in place for agents within the call centre, giving you a 360 degree view. TrustCall Identity offers a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution that is designed to work with a wide range of CRM applications, from legacy on-premise systems to the latest cloud offerings. Because of this, TrustCall Identity can immediately present the relevant customer details to the agent, who can start helping the customer straight away, reducing average handling time and improving the customer experience.


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