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Data protection and fraud prevention regulations can feel overwhelming and costly.
What if we told you there’s another way?

Our innovative solutions are infrastructure agnostic
and span across Contact Centre,
Voice, Network, Professional Services and Applications.


about being locked into a multi-year, multi-location deal. It’s about being able to pick the right solution for you. Truly carrier independent, our cloud-based TrustCall On-Demand solution empowers you to decouple your PCI DSS compliance operations and choose your perfect regulatory partner. Easily embedded into your existing network without the need for banks of expensive new equipment, it’s an innovative solution that puts security ahead of

TrustCall On Demand is a cloud-based software solution that can either be embedded into your existing Customer Relationship Management system or used as a stand-alone web application.

If your agents also take card payments from your customer, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that at no time does any of the sensitive card information pass through or reside in any of your systems. Simply put, using a hosted or cloud-based solution to intercept card data at the network level means that no cardholder data is passed into the contact centre environment, whether infrastructure, agents or storage, thus de-scoping telephone payments from PCI DSS compliance. On completion, the call is routed back to the agent, who can then complete closure activities (e.g. cross-sell, survey, etc.).

In addition, because secure mode and routing to the PCI DSS-compliant payment service provider is only invoked when a payment actually takes place, TrustCall On-Demand is the first innovative cloud-based solution to enable a true pay-as-you go model, thus ensuring price elasticity unlike so many of our competitors who are still stuck with channel or seat-based licensing models. In addition, our hosted solution is truly carrier independent. Our clients don’t need to lock themselves into a multi-year calls and lines deal with a single provider for all locations, as some of our competitors do.

With TrustCall, you can keep all your existing line and call contracts intact, decoupling PCI DSS compliance from your operations. That’s why you retain the ability to select the best partners to work with, allowing you to “right size” your regulatory challenges.

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