Speech and Self Service

Speech Self Service is key to Contact Centre customer service excellence success while lowering costs. IPI’s speech technologies lend themselves to improving the customer experience while lowering operating costs to the enterprise.

  • Virtual Assistance – Connect Me
  • In-Queue call back technology – Q4 Me
  • Brochures and document management – Send Me
  • Interactive Voice Response

Connect Me

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Up to 40% of a switchboard operator’s time can be spent on internal telephone calls. IPI’s solution can:

  • Automate calls, freeing up the agent to help customers with “high value” activities
  • Reduce call waiting times, because it’s always available
  • Improve customer satisfaction as it allows calls to be routed 24/7
  • Provide customers with access to staff, both in and out of the office
  • Manage employee turnover admin by routing ex-employee calls through to their replacement

This virtual assistance solution is scalable from a few calls per day to many thousands of calls per day, and resources are saved by not needing to produce or maintain a company telephone directory.  You can even have a web based searchable view of the company directory that can be CTI enabled for ‘click and dial’ functionality.

Q4 Me

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Call peaks. Depending on your industry almost anything can cause them.  The trouble is you never know when they are going to happen and it doesn’t make financial sense to staff for the maximum load.  Long queue times are massive sources of customer dissatisfaction. They reflect poorly on your brand and can be a major cause of complaints.

IPI’s patent-pending intelligent queuing solution lets you:

  • Strike the right balance between staffing levels and queuing times
  • Monitor queuing times and, based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) you set
  • Offer callers the option of being called back and vary the point at which a call-back is offered

For example, if there’s a massive spike in call volume you may decide to offer a call-back immediately a caller connects. On other occasions you may want to set a specific time limit.

You can also call the customer back within a defined time period or at a convenient, agreed time in the future. The result? You don’t lose a call, and:

  • You meet your SLAs
  • You optimise the number of agents you need at any given time
  • Plus, if you’re using a Freephone number, call charges are reduced.

From the customer’s perspective it is more convenient and eliminates the frustration of hanging on for an indefinite time period.  And a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Send Me

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The ultimate way to manage routine requests for dispatch of brochures and other documents.

  • A fully automated information request service, available 24×7.
  • Full integration into the Postcode Address File database, enabling quick and accurate capture of address through postcode look-up.
  • Use of speech recognition to capture and validate caller’s name.
  • Simple-to-use menu systems capture what information is required by the caller.
  • Standard API integration to post requests into existing fulfilment systems.
  • Can be combined with Pay ME where the information requested has a commercial value.
  • Send ME enables you to increase your responsiveness in the services you provide while reducing the cost of providing these services.

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