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Unified Comms as a Service

Making your employees more effective and increasing their productivity is a key aim for all businesses.

Making your employees more effective and increasing their productivity is a key aim for all businesses – and giving them access to unified communications (UC) and collaboration tools is a great way to achieve this.

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Communicating value

Identifying the right blend of tools and then delivering a seamless, consistent user experience is a complex challenge.

  • Do you integrate new technologies into your existing setup?
  • Will this fragmented approach create management headaches and a poor user experience?
  • Will upgrading to a more modern, feature-rich UC platform mean a substantial up-front investment?
  • Will there be pressure to demonstrate clear ROI?

If that’s too much change too soon for your organisation, alternatively you can deploy UC as a Service (UCaaS).

  • A suite of hosted voice and UC services
  • Supplied from major technology providers
  • Packaged into a single, cloud-delivered Managed Service
  • No need for expensive Capex investments
  • Allows you to keep flexible and lean yet innovative and competitive

UCaaS removes the many barriers to change and allows you to select the best services from a variety of vendors, delivered as a single, integrated service from one expert provider.

Managed Service Unified Communications from IPI provide full UC services shaped to suit your organisation’s unique business needs and goals, with consideration given to what work is done where, when, how and why you – and we then build a UC service around this.

  • You select the enterprise voice and UC services you need and we can host and manage it for you
  • Let us handle the technology and provide a Managed Service
  • You’ll have capable, reliable and available, backed by service guarantees for planning, migration, maintenance and support
  • This translates to assurance and customer excellence for you and your customers

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