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Virtualisation promises big benefits for your business. We’ve got big ideas to help you realise them. Translating complex technologies into meaningful gains for your business:

  • Support your business growth strategy
  • Unrivalled vendor relationships bring you the best technology out there
  • Simplified management
  • Increased efficiency
  • Return on investment

IPI designs, installs and maintains virtual solutions for a host of clients. In all cases our focus is on delivering significant returns on any investment, and ensuring that our solutions enhance the business and enable growth.

Our consultants will work in partnership with your organisation to understand precisely how you might benefit from virtualisation. We have access to all of the market’s leading solutions, and we are skilled at translating complex technologies into meaningful gains – such as lower overheads, increased efficiency and enhanced functionality.

Moving real-time communications to the virtual environment requires careful application design, reliable integration of resources, and flexible system architectures. We can virtualise Unified Communications and Collaboration while maintaining performance and reliability. Our pedigree of excellence began with integrating Avaya C-POD to our customers and has moved on to cover a raft of leading virtualisation technologies, including Kernel-Based Virtual Machine (KVM), VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and Citrix.

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