Delivering Beyond Today.

IPI is dedicated to creating the smartest, most efficient and secure contact centres in the world. Not just today – but tomorrow.

Your Customers Demand

A better experience. More efficiency. Increased ownership.
Better outcomes. And that takes integrated Contact Centre technology that’s smarter. Progressive systems from truly dedicated partners. Technology to improve every interaction.
To deliver results beyond all expectations.

The Same as Your People.

Our Services

Our 30+ years of contact centre expertise in market sectors from banking to gaming has earned us the trust of our clients, from large corporations to SMEs.

With innovation in our DNA, we deploy pioneering solutions to help create the smartest, most efficient and secure contact centres in the world. Optimised hubs that offer a more satisfying, more cost-effective customer experience.

Our expertise is divided into six core services: Consulting, Applications, Unified Communications, IT Services, Network Services and Security & Compliance. Yet their relationship is symbiotic. Each supporting the other for holistic growth.

And just as our offering is complete, so too is our support. Helping you to not just prepare for what’s to come, but to embrace it.

Delivering beyond today.
To make more of tomorrow.

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Our Clients

Retail's Seasonal Peaks. We can help you deliver.

IPI ensures that our Retail clients never miss any form of contact during seasonal peaks from valued customers, no matter when they occur.

When calls reached a peak for our Online Retailer

When calls reached a peak for our Online Retailer. We flexibly managed them.

Global Logistics client wanted PCI Compliance

When our global Logistics client wanted PCI Compliance We delivered it On Demand

Prominent Utility reaches for the stars we delivered the tools

When our prominent utilities client reached for the stars. We delivered the tools to get them there.

Water Utility wanted to rise on league table

When our UK Water Utility wanted to rise on the league table. We were ready to up their game.

Water Utility wanted telephony excellence

When our UK Water Utility wantedtelephony excellence. We delivered customer service excellence.

Water Utility wanted a very good rating

When our UK Water Utility wasn’t happy with Good. We showed them what Very Good looks like.

When the Caravan Club was ready to roll we streamined their path

When the Caravan Club was ready to roll. We streamlined the path for them.

Leading Electric Retailer

When our leading electrical retailer wanted to create a spark. We helped them charge their call centre.

Large outsourcer wanted to increase service levels

When a large outsourcer wanted to increase service levels while cutting costs. We were ready to transform them.

Household name brand Retailer

When our household name Retail brand wanted to reach out. We proactively enabled them.

Global Logistics company wanted PCI compliance

When our global Logistics client wanted PCI Compliance. We delivered it On Demand.

Global Agribusiness wanted to virtualise

When our global sugar & agribusiness consultants wanted to virtualise. We helped to sweeten the deal.

Energy Utility wanted to fuel growth we enabled it

When our energy customer was ready to fuel growth. We were ready to enable it.

Educational Institute wanted to get on with business we ran IT

When our educational institute was ready to get on with business. We ran their IT for them.

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Our Partners

  • Sentiment

  • IR Prognosis

  • Enghouse Interactive


    PCI-PAL is a suite of solutions designed to help run your customer contact operations in adherence with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • Vasco

    VASCO is the world leader in providing two-factor authentication and digital signature solutions..
  • Exinda

  • VMware

    We are a VMware Professional Solutions Provider.
  • Microsoft

    As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are among the most highly accredited independent technical support providers.
  • Avaya

    We are Avaya Diamond Partners in Enterprise UC and Contact Centre solutions, as well as Mid-market UC solutions.
  • Verint

    Verint Systems Inc. is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions for customer engagement optimisation, security intelligence, and fraud, risk and compliance.
  • Intradiem

    Intradiem’s Intraday Automation tool empowers users to create extraordinary customer experiences by optimising the workday.
  • Gamma

    Gamma is a leading supplier of voice, data and mobile products and services in the UK.
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